Does InfoHub™ tell you what the exact fault is or just that there is a general fault condition?

This is a general fault condition notification. The actual fault code would need to be obtained from the generator controller.

Will this work on older generators?

Yes, InfoHub™ can be installed on any Briggs & Stratton generator manufactured in August of 2005 or later and can support up to 240V utility power.

Can this be used on commercial Briggs & Stratton units?

The InfoHub product can be used on commercial generators up to 240V. Future revisions will support products up to 600V.

If a controller is replaced, do we reset the run time on the InfoHub?

This is up to the Dealer. We recommend not resetting the runtime on the InfoHub software.

When you change a control panel, can you use InfoHub to update the hours on the control panel?

The InfoHub does not support this capability. The runtime hours are stored in InfoHub and the web host database.

How can you tell if the cell signal is good?

We recommend performing a site survey. Cellular signal strength can be checked with the Dealer's mobile phone. There are also many mobile apps (iPhone and Android) that can provide signal strength, tower locations, etc. 

Can I change the dealer that monitors my InfoHub?

The customer would need to contact Briggs & Stratton and indicate they would like to change Dealers. Briggs & Stratton would then contact the current Dealer regarding the request. This provides the Dealer with an opportunity to determine why their customer would like to work with a new Dealer and perhaps rectify any issues that may have resulted in the request. If it is determined that the best course of action is to assign the customer to a new Dealer, the Briggs & Stratton InfoHub administrator can make the change.

I have some customers with multiple sites with only one email address. Is that able to be set up?

Yes, this is configurable via the InfoHub website.

When setting up the new customer on InfoHub, what happens if the generator is not yet registered?

The InfoHub can be installed and activated before the generator is registered.

Not all my customers use computers nor do they have an email address, so can they not use this product?

The InfoHub product assumes the end user has the ability to receive email and/or text messages for notification purposes. The end user can be the customer or the Dealer. The product can still be used if the customer requests the Dealer to configure the account such that all email and/or text message notifications are directed to the Dealer. The purpose of having an InfoHub is to receive generator event notifications.

Can any other inputs be piggybacked into the device for remote monitoring other devices as well?

Not at this time. We continue to work on the product to add new functionality. Dealer input is always welcome. Please contact your Briggs & Stratton Sales Representative and you will be directed to the InfoHub development team.

Does this product get power when there is a power outage?

Yes, the unit is powered by the 12VDC battery.

Can a hard wired Cat-5 be connected as an alternative to the antenna if signal is weak at the location?

No. The InfoHub product does not support Ethernet connectivity.

How is the unit powered if the 240 Volt sensing voltage is lost?

The unit is powered by the generator battery. The 240V sensing voltage is only used to determine if utility power has been lost.

What kind of draw does the unit use? Any concern on board failure due to additional draw?

The power draw of the InfoHub unit is minimal. See below:

Power Draw:
Active Mode........................75 mA (typ) @ 12VDC
PowerSave Mode.................25 mA (typ) @ 12VDC

If the unit battery needs replacing will the data be lost?

Assuming "unit battery" means the generator 12 volt battery, the data will not be lost as it is stored in the web host database.

What is the warranty period for the InfoHub?

The InfoHub carries a 1 year limited warranty, hardware only.